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Dr Wei Tan

Dr. Wei Tan is currently a Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at Queen Mary University London. He received his Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering and Physics at Central South University in 2011, followed by his PhD in Aerospace Engineering at Queen’s University Belfast in 2016. He then worked a Research Associate at University of Cambridge from 2016 to 2020. His research interests lie in the mechanics of composite materials and nanomaterials for energy storage. His research features the impact damage prediction and crashworthiness design of carbon fibre composites, manufacturing and modelling of carbon nanotube (CNT) polymer composites for supercapacitors.

PhD student

Emilio Felipe Gomez: Car batteries can easily catch fire during crash events and are often over-heat during charge-discharge cycles. In the winter, the batteries also need to be heated to reach their optimal operational conditions. QMUL research will design new graphene related materials to manufacture battery protection structures for both energy-absorption and thermal management. The concept being similar to the design of cardboard box to protect eggs and maintain them at an ideal temperature. Architected structures such as lattices and cellular materials offer a vast design space to tune and optimise the energy absorption capacity and thermal management. Emilio will develop finite element models that can provide guidance for optimal levels of graphene incorporation and surface deposition texturing. This can predict the fracture and crushing mechanical behaviour coupled with the thermal behaviour when subjected to extreme thermal-mechanical loadings. The models will be validated using experiments on prototype systems.

UG/Master students

John Luk: A third-year student at School of Engineering and Materials Science, Queen Mary University London. He is working on the modelling of next-generation energy-storage devices.

Ravi Dhirani: A third-year student at School of Engineering and Materials Science, Queen Mary University London. He is working on the design and manufacturing next-generation energy-storage devices.


Mr. Kai Tan, MEng student. He worked with Dr. Wei Tan and Dr. Adam Boies. He investigated the properties of CNT materials and developing real-life applications for the material.


Cambridge BlueSky Research Award, 2017, Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics

Nano-man‘ , Cambridge Engineering Departmental Photo Competition, SEM Prize, 2017

Previous Photos

1st European Conference on Crashworthiness of Composite Materials, Belfast, November 2019. Glad to meet my colleagues at Belfast. Dennis, Haibao, Brian, Wei, Luís (From left to right).

Research group funded by Advanced Nanotube Application and Manufacturing Initiative (ANAM), EPSRC, University of Cambridge

Cambridge Micromechanics Group (Led by Prof. Norman Fleck) at Bologna, 2018, European Solid Mechanics Conference .

Cambridge Micromechanics Group (Led by Prof. Norman Fleck) with J. Hutchinson, V. Tvegard, A. Needleman, J Willis, M. Thoules having dinner at European Solid Mechanics Conference , Bologna, 2018.

PhD graduation ceremony of Dr. Wei Tan with his supervisors Prof. Brain Falzon and Prof Mark Price at Queen’s University Belfast, in 2016.

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